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Hosted Service

In the Cloud

   Let DialX do all of the heavy lifting. Your team can be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  DialX delivers both Voice  and Text messages . We provide service 24/7 365 days a year. DialX can deliver thousands of messages quickly and with accuracy. Our pricing will be kind to your budget!
   Account set up is easy! You can be up and running very quickly. If you wish to integrate your CRM    package with DialX our "trouble free" API is ready and waiting.  Access your account from most internet connected devices. Create message campaigns on the fly. Emergency Message Delivery is our specialty.
   Here are just some of the organizations who may benefit by using the DialX Hosted Message Delivery Service.
   • Auto Clubs
   • Schools
   • Hospitals
   • Churches
   • IT support
   • Fraternal Organizations
   • Financial Institutions
   • Government
   If you have a need to quickly deliver notifications to a group. If you would like a reliable, easy to use platform. If your budget needs some relief. Then DialX is the solution for you. 

  Contact   us for a consultation. In just a few minutes of your time we can preform a needs analysis and work with you to show how partnering with DialX will benefit your organization.



 Turn Key Business Opportunity

  Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Do you have the yearning to be in control of your destiny?  Need some help in making the transition? If you are willing to learn we are ready to teach!
  What we have to offer:  An established business with the opportunity to grow. We provide the infrastructure including training, and help with sales until you feel ready to fly on your own.
  What you bring to the partnership: You bring your life's  experiences, your commitment to creating your own success and most important your dreams of being successful on your own terms.
  What is required in order to become a partner with DialX: HonestyIntegrity, Commitment these are not just words. If you do not possess these qualities, please look to another path. The services we provide are heavy regulated and monitored by Federal, State and Local governments. You must be willing to abide by the rules of the industry.
  Commitment to your customers. You will need the vision to understand that you will be involved in a service industry. Your focus must be on helping others to meet their needs and obligations.

  Think you want to talk about this exceptional opportunity?    Contact us at any of the means listed on the contact page.


Site Based Servers

  Sometimes a site based system makes sense. If you are one of those groups with a need to locate your server on location. We have a solution to meet your needs!  Our hardened platform is tough and will give you a trouble free solution to compliment your local operations.
  We do not sell our systems but we do lease systems to be installed on servers you provide. We can provide the following configurations. Win Server 2008-2012, SIP or connection to a Legacy phone system with a SIP gateway. Our systems are secure and support is included in the lease. CRM integration is available using our API.
Systems are scale-able and can be structured according to your organizations needs. Some common configurations are:
  •     4 port
  •     8 port
  •     12 port
  •     24 port t-1
  • Multiple t-1's including very large scale

Contact   us for further information !